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    George Town, Grand Cayman
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    5 star rating
    cool caves Our tour guide, Yves, was a wealth of knowledge. Would have spent more time if we could have. Loved the treehouse. Could definitely have enjoyed a beer or two there.
    Anna B
    5 star rating
    Great thing to do in the Cayman Great experience! Very interesting and our guide was entertaining. It’s also just a few minutes from Rum Point so you can go there after and sit on the beach with a cocktail.
    5 star rating
    Great tour Such a unique experience in the Caribbean. We loved seeing each of the 3 caves along with a few bats! Really fun and different from other tours.
    Laura W
    5 star rating
    Great experience in Georgetown! ❤️ A wonderful experience in Georgetown. Our guide, Yves, was exceptional. He gave us lots of information on the caves, inhabitants and the Cayman Island itself. Lots of participant interaction. I would highly recommend to bring bottled water, bug spray and a flashlight. The paths are well lit but if you want to see more of the darker areas a flashlight is going to help. I expected it to be cooler underground but it definitely was not, so keep that in mind. This was a beautiful place and would hands down recommend it to all.
    5 star rating
    Exceeded expectations - very enjoyable experience The Cayman Crystal Caves Bat Dusk to Dawn Tour with dinner in the Treehouse was an absolute delight! From the moment we stepped into the special treehouse atmosphere, it was evident that attention to detail was paramount. The ambiance was simply enchanting, complemented by a talented singer and a perfect selection of music that set just the right mood.The food was not only tasty but also served with finesse, and the waiters exuded genuine enjoyment in their work, adding to the warmth of the evening. Our guide, Chris, was both passionate and humorous, making the exploration of the caves a truly memorable experience. It was fascinating to learn about the caves' history and how Chris had been there from the start, carving out their intricate paths.The serene beauty of the lake added to the magic of the evening, and I appreciated the opportunity to explore a bit of the nature trail along the way. The organization of the tour was seamless, with separate groups ensuring an intimate experience for all.I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of knowledge shared about indigenous plant species, such as the maiden plum and red birch, adding an educational aspect to the adventure. Artur, our host, provided insightful glimpses into the history of Old Man Bay and ensured our comfort throughout the evening.The presence of a gift shop and cocktail bar, along with a refreshing welcome drink, added a touch of luxury to the experience. And who could forget the adorable tiny bats in the caves, adding to the allure of the adventure?Overall, the Cayman Crystal Caves Bat Dusk to Dawn Tour surpassed my expectations, leaving me eager to explore more of their tour options and enjoy another magical evening in the treehouse.
    5 star rating
    Family of 4 all agreed better than expected We went for the evening tour and dinner. Every staff person went out of their way to make us feel welcome. It was like we were their personal guests. Gorgeous facilities. Just very well done in every way.! The caves, of course, were amazing. Our tour guide was kind and knowledgeable but not at all overbearing or silly like others at other attractions. He simple shared his knowledge naturally and answered questions pleasantly. We found his first-hand experience actually digging out the caves and sharing the his work, as extra special insight. Nothing steep or strenuous, at all. The heat was fine in the evening, and I mind the heat a lot. Dinner was great- we had each meal offered- and the singer was great. We left feeling lucky a d relaxed
    Darby H
    5 star rating
    Unique Caymanian Experience My family and I have been visiting Grand Cayman for over 9 years, and this was the first visit to the Crystal Caves. Archie Whittaker, the operating manager, is fifth generation Caymanian, and his knowledge of the caves is astounding. The operators have spent countless hours carefully excavating the caves. It was a beautiful walk between the 3 caves that tourists can enter, and each is as unique as Grand Cayman itself. I can’t wait to go back again to see how much more of the cave system they have uncovered. The pick-up and drop-off were seamless, as well.
    Katherine K
    5 star rating
    Amazing caves Educational and entertaining! Fun for all ages. The guides are super friendly and extremely knowledgeable. A unique experience and worth the time.
    5 star rating
    Excellent family adventure Absolutely awesome trip to crystal caves! Wonderful day trip for the family. The team there were so knowledgeable and dynamic. Thanks to Archie and all the team. Highly recommended for all ages.
    Danielle C
    5 star rating
    Cave tour The process was seamless. Great transportation, plenty of beverage and bathrooms. Organizing companies overcommunicated!! Fantastic guide in the caves!!
    5 star rating
    Once in a Lifetime Tour while on vacation Very good tour. Kids enjoyed seeing the turtles. And being able to gently touch them. Dolphin encounter was equally if not more enjoyable. We were not allowed to take our own photos. Just keep in mind you may have sticker shock on pictures. Overall great once in a lifetime experience.
    5 star rating
    Amazing experience! Great experience for the whole family! Amazing tour guides, very educational and highly recommended. 90 min tour running at the top of each hour. A must see!