The Cayman Islands is well known as a tropical paradise, with exquisite dive sites, white sand beaches and warm turquoise water. Yet amid all of this beauty is a peculiar place rightly called Hell. But don’t be put off by the name! A visit to this remarkable place makes for one of the best tours in Grand Cayman.

A pitchfork’s throw from George Town, Hell is in the district of West Bay. There you will see jagged, spongy limestone and dolomite formations covering about half the size of a football field. These formations, which you view from a platform, as you are not permitted to walk on them, were produced over millions of years as filamentous algae interacted with the ironshore, creating a black, lacy pattern of outcroppings. This odd place is amongst the top things to see in grand cayman.

If you are wondering what led to the name, there are quite a few versions of the story behind it:

  • The landscape is considered to be what Hell might look like.
  • A visiting U.S. president declared that it was “hot as Hell.”
  • An English commissioner swore “Oh Hell!” after missing a shot at a bird perched on the jagged rock.
  • It is said that when you toss a pebble into the formation, the echo sounds as if it is falling all the way down to Hell.

Over the years, the site — tended to by the islands’ storied (and very real) “Devil” with red horns — sells some of the most interesting Hell- and Devil- themed souvenirs. Where else can you find a postcard from Hell to send to family or friend?

Another “devil” can be seen In the middle of the limestone formations — a small statue on a rock that resembles a horned devil. The locals say it is a natural phenomenon which substantiates the name given to this place. Add to it the devil-themed banners and paintings on the gift shop, and the place definitely resembles what you might think of as Hell.

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