Myriad times voted as the best beach in the Caribbean and the world, Seven Mile Beach is the place that will capture your heart and mind eternally. Paradise, Elysium, Fairyland and the Seven Mile Beach are all considered synonymous with each other. Your Grand Cayman sightseeing tour is incomplete if you haven’t set-up your sojourn for a few hours on this beach. The beach comprises of immaculate turquoise water and pristine white sand along with its scenic view that keeps you away from the mundane hassle of the routine life. Despite its name that directs the tourist’s mind in believing it is seven miles long, the beach is about six miles long.

The Seven Mile Beach, located on the western side of Grand Cayman, always reserves the first position in the list of places to visit in Grand Cayman. It enhances the beauty of the Cayman Islands and makes it a special getaway location. Below are several reasons that make this beach the best one around.

Crystal Clear Blue Water and White Sand

The first thing to catch your attention on the beach is the white sand, that will let you enjoy your barefoot walk and the crystal clear water, which will give you the clear glimpse of your feet underneath it. The Cayman Islands are located on the flat coral islands, with very little silt to disturb clarity of the water. Thus, keeping it clean. The year-round temperature averages 73-85 degrees, which keeps sand and water usually calm and cool.

The Beautiful Sunset

This beach is the great place to be at when the sun is setting. The confusing shades that it fills the sky with, is the sight often witnessed in movies. Nothing is better than winding up your day by watching the peaceful sunset of Cayman.

Choose Your Cozy Spot and Relax

The Seven Mile Beach is an idyllic setting to chill all by yourself or enjoy family time by indulging in various outdoor activities. The soft sand under your feet, the refreshing briny tinge of air around and the breathtaking view is all one needs for a perfect vacation which makes this place the gaiety of the travelers. With little crowd sometimes, you can even experience sheer tranquility that the empty beach offers.

Fun Watersports

There are several Grand Cayman tourist activities that you can enjoy at the Seven Mile Beach. It is definitely every adventurer’s utopia as it offers myriad watersports like snorkeling, sailing, paddle-boarding, among others. You can either indulge in the fun activities or just lay there and appreciate the view. There is something for every member of the family to enjoy at this beach.

So, fix your chair under the shade of fringed palm trees, wedge your toes in the sand and relax comfortably, all the while sinking in the picturesque vision of the beautiful horizon in front of you. Travel, eat, sleep and repeat, the only activities you should do when you are taking a Grand Cayman trip.