The paramount bliss for any globetrotter is to travel to the place filled with three essentials – thrilling adventure, mouth-watering cuisine and soothing natural beauty. To find all the components at one place is a few-and-far-between kind of a thing. But when one goes on an excursion in Grand Cayman, it is a delight to witness the fusion of trio at every nook of the place. ‘Nothing like a Grand Cayman sightseeing tour’ – the adage, you might have heard zillion times by now, stands entirely true to its words, without a bit of exaggeration. With the pristine white sand beaches, delicious culinary treats and fun-filled watersports, one can’t expect any lesser.
Grand Cayman, the largest island of the Cayman Islands, houses some of the most beautiful beaches and places. While the Cayman Islands are called the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, the sumptuous cuisines are something you can easily stumble upon at Grand Cayman. Whereas, when it comes to sightseeing there are plenty of places and limited time. It is rather advisable to prepare a list of places that are must-visit, and then spend the remaining time in exploring the local Cayman life.
While many tourists explore merely the popular underwater life, you must try the Grand Cayman land tours. The rarity lies in exploring the land of the Cayman Islands, where you acquaint yourself with the natives there and get to know about the actual culture of the Caymankind. So, before finalising your to-do list for your visit to Grand Cayman, here are some places that will help you discover the actual life of locals and make your trip unforgettable.

For the History Enthusiasts:

The first and foremost place to be added to your list is Pedro St. James, Pedro Castle. The place is refurbished plantation home built in 1780. If you desire to know the history of the island, then this is the place you would want to head straight to. Another such place is Queen Elizabeth II Monument, which is situated at Queen’s highway. To give you a brief idea, it was the place where she stood, talked and greeted the people during her visit in 1983. This indeed is a real treasure for the people who have a thing for vintage.

For the Animal Lovers:

Make your way straight to the Cayman Turtle Farm. Click splendid snaps with the turtles and witness the hatchlings of the new turtle. Learn about the conservation efforts as well. Grand Cayman houses some of the rare and endangered species of animals. Make sure you do not miss them at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. The park is home to endangered species like Cayman Parrots and the fascinating Cayman Blue Iguana. Take a stroll in nature’s arm while watching such endangered and migratory animals and birds. Starfish Point Excursion in Grand Cayman is the one where you can see the starfish in every colour. Now, who wouldn’t love that?

For the Fun-seekers:

Tortuga Rum Cake Factory will definitely leave you gob-smacked. It is one of the most famous cakes and is glazed with five year-old Tortuga Gold Rum. The cake is baked fresh and is prepared using generations-old family recipe. If you have a thing for pastels, then the traditional Caymanian Cottage is definitely worth seeing. They are the old structures coloured in different pastel hues of pink, blue and others and it looks as if they are brought in the Cayman Islands directly from some book.

For the Adventurers:

The name is enough to make sure this is the first place you visit as soon as you reach Grand Cayman. Well, the place is called ‘Hell’. It is no larger than a soccer field and comprises of spiky black limestone formations that were created million years ago. You can have a quick visit to Hell and get back. Cayman Crystal Cave tours are another thing that you shouldn’t miss. It took 20 years of meticulous planning to build this newest tourist attraction. The caves are operated by 100% Caymanian workforce, giving you a chance to interact with the locals.
Hence, it is quite accurately said that there is something for everyone in Grand Cayman, which makes it a perfect destination for the travel-aficionados whose sacred chanting is travel, eat, sleep and repeat. So, experience the best tour in Grand Cayman not underwater but on the land discovering its natural beauty and traditional culture.